Food As An Art Form And A Great Tool For Living Slower

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Today I was thinking about how did I end up loving my little moments in the kitchen when I press play on my favourite music, sing along and do a little slow move while Frank Sinatra is triggering a soft and romantic feeling deep down inside me and the next thing I want to do is to put on my apron and express what’s inside that moment through experimenting with flavours and unleash my creativity and end up with a final outcome to showcase and celebrate.

I like to call myself an artist, I paint and I have to admit that for me cooking is not much different than painting. Fundamentally you start with an inspiration, an idea, a spark then you move on to your workspace getting in tune with yourself and intuitively respond to what comes out and how it all translates on my canvas using a brush and giving life to that idea… that mood... that feeling... and to that question.

In painting you enjoy the final piece by looking at it and absorbing the beauty. Likewise in the kitchen you have a final product of creativity, you get to look at it, see the colours, experience the unique flavour, feel the textures and breath in the scent of that food and if all of that is pleasant, you know you have a successful dish.

It is essential for us humans to find something that feeds our soul, a form of spiritual activity perhaps. I got to an understanding that nothing is as powerful as creativity and making things by hand, giving life to something tangible and beautiful whether it’s done by a paint brush or kitchen utensils.

Slow Food

By settling into a gentler pace of life I got to realise that cooking from scratch is a great way to practise mindfulness and embrace slow living whether you are living in the middle of a busy city or far away from all that in a cute cottage. You make a conscious choice to be present and engage with as many of your senses while you chop, whisk, stir, plate and present. Also bear in mind that you gave yourself an opportunity to disconnect from the digital world and mass of notifications and distractions and focus on something which later on introduces a form of ritual around the table; Taking a few moments to pay gratitude and appreciation to a product of love and patience in form of food.

This is a link to my YouTube channel, I work on recipes that are healthy and I enjoy making and serving them for the people I love.

Another aspect of mindful cooking is to raise awareness on the food we are preparing and feeding ourselves with. We tend to become more aware of fresh meals that are of a higher quality compared to canned and ready meals that might be compromised in order to be produced on a mass scale.

Being conscious about the ingredients is not solely about what you feed yourself with, it is also about being aware of where it all came from? What’s their plastic packaging footprint? And so on… Also making more sustainable choices to minimise environmental impact and not to forget what we are protecting and celebrating by using organic, fresh and locally sourced food.

Thanks for stopping by, if you have any thoughts let me know in the comments.

Lots of Love,


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