A Simple Guide To Slow Down & Enjoy Life

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Why I started living slower?

To answer that question I have to tell you the story of my life in a nutshell.

My journey started years ago when I was little, living in Iran. Back there everything was simpler and going in a slower pace.I remember days when me and my mom would wake up early in the morning heading to our local farmer to buy fresh Milk and later on that day she would make yoghurt and cheese from that fresh velvety milk. That was a simple life we lived which was not filled with complications and distractions, it was about living in the moment and focusing on the things that mattered.

But this story did not last very long. I had an urge to follow a dream I had in my head some where else, a different lifestyle to experience... So it did’t take that long for me to leave my country and step into an unfamiliar yet astonishing journey which included me studying Pharmacy in UCL University moving on to Studying InteriorDesign in Regents University and also living in central London right in the middle of the rush where the city wouldn’t go to sleep even at 3am!

Living 8 years of my life in that order… I wasn’t fulfilled …. Deep down I knew there is something unsettling which stops me from associating myself to the life I was living, it was nowhere close to the dream I had when I left my home country.

Therefore, I started to question the story I was telling myself about the world and my place in it once again, in order to shape my life differently according to what matters to me the most. I began by writing an answer to the most fundamental question of “who am I?” To reflect on my life and to express it. From there I began my journey to living a more meaningful and slower lifestyle.

How I started living slower?

The process of slow living for me naturally evolved from a few steps that I will share them with you it might also be beneficial to some of you.

  1. Reassess your values and behave according to them

Starts with identifying what are your core values for living? What do you want your life to look like? What is currently missing from your daily life? What areas are you spending your time on and what areas you wish you had more time for?

Getting tangible answers for these questions calls for some actions. You should get rid of what is distracting and disconnecting you from what’s close to your heart. Very soon this will shape your authentic and happier life.

“Slow living is a curious mix of being prepared and being prepared to let go. Caring more and caring less. Saying yes and saying no. Being present and walking away. Doing the important things and forgetting those that aren’t.”


2. Focus your awareness on you

Start by introducing new sets of routines to your everyday.

  • Practice mindfulness

  • Give yourself permission to unwind and relax

  • Notice yourself and reflect on your progress

  • Take breaks from the digital world

3. Live consciously

  • Choose healthy eating

  • Choose to be grateful

  • Have a workout routine

  • Connect with nature

  • Be a conscious consumer

  • Make time for creativity

  • Choose kindness

Applying these steps has helped me to change my life for better and It’s my biggest pleasure to share my experience with you. My plan is to write more blogpost for you. So make sure to sign up on my website subscription and visit again. Also be sure to follow me on my other social media platforms for more content!

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With Love, Nikki

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