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from External inspirations


Narrated in forms, lines, colours and textures


Since as far back as I can recall, the act of creating art has been a constant presence in my life. It's been a familiar and comforting thread that has woven through the chapters of my journey, providing a source of both solace and exhilaration. Over the years, it has evolved from a simple pastime into a cherished means of self-expression, allowing me to capture moments, emotions, and experiences in a way that words alone cannot. Through every stroke of the brush, every blend of color, and every thoughtfully composed piece, I've continued to nurture this enduring passion that has shaped my identity and given my life a vibrant and purposeful dimension.

Inspiration finds me everywhere: in nature's embrace, human connections, urban landscapes, and even the simplest objects. Each offers a chance to explore lines, textures, forms, and colors, unveiling the artistry that resides within the everyday.

Painting became my chosen avenue for self-expression, serving as a bridge between my inner thoughts and the external world.



"My creative journey is like a trip that isn't just one straight road. It's like a dance between going with the flow and having a plan. I let my art follow its natural path, but I also guide it to make something deep and meaningful in the end."


I start my creative process with a fundamental stage known as "Mark making." These marks signify the commencement of my self-exploration. At times, they manifest as expressive and unrefined, while on other occasions, they take the form of jagged, subdued, or delicate impressions.From here, I embark on a voyage of discovery where lines, shapes, and textures come together to express my inner thoughts and emotions. As I move forward, I add layers of paint, allowing each layer to reveal itself naturally. This patient approach ensures that each layer emerges authentically, without excessive control, especially in the early stages.

As my artwork evolves, so does my approach. Starting from a free-spirited beginning, my process gradually becomes more deliberate. I become more definitive, focusing on the interplay of tonal values, textures and compositions. I also delve into capturing the emotions that infuse the artwork, allowing each stroke and arrangement to carry a deeper meaning.

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